Emergency Tree Removal for Unsafe or Dangerous Trees


During our seasonal windstorms overgrown or unsafe trees become weak and unable to withstand the wind pressures.

If you have weakened or unsafe trees that pose a potential danger to your home or business complex, people, pets and other nearby structures, having a professional service remove them is likely your best option.

These are typical symptoms in which emergency tree removal services should be considered for maintaining the safety of your building structure and others:

  • Dead or drying
  • Compromised trunk strength
  • Diseased or insect-infested conditions beyond correction through pruning
  • Results of severe storm damage posing an unstable risk
  • Excessive trunk damage leading to internal decay

We have the trained eye and knowledge of an on-staff certified arborist to help identify trees that should be removed, and recommended procedures for protecting utility lines and minimizing property damage.

Call Bruhn Logging & Tree Service for 24-hour emergency tree service.

Emergency Tree Service is Available 24/7


Emergency tree removal may be your best option for trees that pose an unacceptable risk because of extreme disease or decay, or have weakened conditions that may cause them to fall during severe weather conditions.

We offer quick-response 24-hour emergency tree service by experienced professionals and a certified arborist that are committed to delivering superior results on demand.

Every member of our professional crew has the expertise and skill to meet the demands of tree emergency situations such as:

  • Power and telecommunication lines in close proximity
  • Conditions with potential risk to nearby structures
  • Close and confined spaces
  • Fallen trees onto structures

Call for our technical expertise and specialized equipment including the use of a bucket truck to handle the most severe tree project.

Emergency Tree Removal Services – Better Safe Than Sorry!


It is better to be safe than sorry when dangerous circumstances call for emergency tree service!

While our on-staff certified arborist is trained and equipped to provide proper care of trees, there are circumstances when a tree must be removed and the use of a professional service is warranted.

At the first indication that a tree is highly susceptible to strong wind or severe weather conditions it is always best to be proactive to avoid devastating problems in the future.

We can be available on-site with:

  • Quick 24-hour emergency response
  • Services of a certified arborist
  • Technical experience and expertise of our professional crew
  • Specialty equipment to handle even the most difficult removal
  • Traffic control services
  • Post-removal cleanup services

Call Bruhn Logging & Tree Services when you need a quick 24-hour emergency response! 253-261-5984