Tree Service Company - No Tree Too Tall, No Job Too Small


We are a highly respected professional tree service founded in 2008 specializing in emergency and hazardous tree removal, trimming and pruning, small land clearing, grubbing and logging, stump grinding and removal.

With state-of-the-art equipment that includes bucket trucks, stump grinders, log loaders and tractors we can safely handle:

  • Residential and commercial projects
  • County services – SCS certified
  • Contractor referrals

Our on-staff certified arborist is skilled in proper tree trimming techniques and pruning for removal of limbs that may interfere with utilities or structures, are diseased, have suffered storm damage or are dead and pose a risk. Other pruning techniques are used to maintain proper structure, improve tree shape, and reduce the potential for future storm damage.

We are dedicated to delivering quality tree service to every project at the fairest possible price and adherence to high industry standards.

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Family Owned and Operated Professional Tree Service Company


We are a family-owned and operated quality tree service committed to deliver what we promise following industry best practices to protect people and property.

Not only do we trust our certified arborist to handle proper tree trimming practices, pruning and emergency tree removals, but we recommend letting our experts diagnose the health of your trees before experiencing a costly emergency.

We also provide:

  • Residential and commercial construction site land clearing
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • 24-Hour emergency storm damage remediation
  • Grubbing and logging for residential and commercial construction
  • Selective tree clearing and thinning
  • Traffic control services

Do you have a tree that is far too tall for a do-it-yourself project? We have a bucket truck and a certified arborist with latest pruning techniques to deliver exceptional results.

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When You Want a Quality Tree Service – Call Us!


While there are circumstances when tree removal is necessary, we offer premium preventative care services that can save our residential and commercial clients thousands of dollars in costly removal services.

We are a leading tree service company recognized for our professional services including a skilled trimming crew and certified arborist trained in proper tree trimming and pruning to preserve their beauty and health, add significant value to your property, and avoid a significant liability.

These services include:

  • Removal of dead, decayed, or weak limbs posing an unacceptable risk
  • Pruning to reduce wind resistance within the canopy upon thinning
  • Techniques to reduce the potential of future damage during storms
  • Emergency services for safe removal of fallen trees
  • Removal of overgrown limbs for protection of overhead utility lines

When all options to preserve your trees have failed and our certified arborist has determined that removal is the best management option, you can depend on us for quick response removal services including stump grinding and post-cleanup.

Call Bruhn Logging & Tree Service for industry-leading professional tree service! 253-261-5984