Fallen Tree Removal and Clean Up Services After PNW Storms


Falling trees and limbs are the major cause of death in windstorms in the PNW!

With the unpredictability of storms and strong winds in our area there is a risk to standing timber, landscapes, structures, vehicles and power lines because trees are highly susceptible to fractures, stress cracks and broken branches.

In cases where trees cannot be saved by pruning and selective thinning, we are equipped for safe fallen tree removal service following PNW storms.

We provide quick response services for homes or businesses that include:

  • Safe storm damage tree removal
  • Identifying and removing dangling branches or limbs
  • Restoration of property by removing fallen limbs and branches
  • Corrective structural pruning to damaged trees by our certified arborist
  • Stump removal or grinding
  • Post-storm cleanup of debris


Call Bruhn Logging & Tree Service for quick response by a professional team using advanced cutting and removing techniques and the services of a certified arborist.


Downed Tree Removal is Better Left to the Experts


Because of the many common risks associated with removing trees, it is a task best left to the experts!

When heavy winds result in fallen trees our number one priority is safety. These are a few dangers that even we as a professional service team are exposed to during fallen tree removal:

  • Falling limbs
  • Risk of electrocution
  • Hazards of service tools and equipment
  • Extreme weight of damaged trees
  • Gravity – potential loss of control of the tree during the removal process

Downed tree removal is dangerous work that should always be left to our skilled experts who, along with the services of our on-staff certified arborist can assess the project and determine the safest course of action.

We have the specialized equipment to take care of high and heavy work, and advanced rigging when needed. And we can follow up with efficient stump removal and grinding as well as post-cleanup services.

Call on us and our professional crew to safely remove downed trees when severe winds and weather conditions leave your home or business in a vulnerable state.

Why Call Us for Storm Damage Tree Removal?

Storm-Damage-Tree Removal-WA

We are a professional tree services company with experience in safe downed tree removal services including those resulting from severe windstorms and severe weather.

Storm damage tree removal requires the services of a quick-response professional crew. These are reasons to call us:

  • Well-maintained state-of-the-art equipment
  • Knowledge and training of an on-staff certified arborist
  • High rate of successful removal of trees in difficult conditions
  • Use of advanced cutting techniques
  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • SCS certified
  • Customer service excellence
  • Years of experience
  • Highest standards of integrity
  • Free estimates

Call Bruhn Logging & Tree Services when you need quick-response to hazardous tree conditions! 253-261-5984