Tree Care Starts with a Complete Tree Assessment


There are many important reasons to defend a tree’s standing – they clean the air, provide oxygen, save water, increase property values and provide a canopy and habitat for wildlife, to name a few.

We have an on-staff certified arborist that specializes in individual care of trees, and is knowledgeable, trained and equipped to provide proper tree care.

We rely on the services of our certified arborist to determine unequivocally that a tree is hazardous and requires removal as the best course of action. We are, by nature, true environmentalists with a desire to take whatever course of action required in saving a tree.

The recommendation for tree removal is provided following a complete tree assessment that may include the following, but not limited to:

  • Assessment of the potential load on the tree and its parts
  • Analyzing its general health
  • Observations of defects and outward signs of potential internal defects
  • Evaluation of structural defects in branches
  • Site evaluation including soil testing
  • Decay testing
  • Root inspection
  • Analysis of storm and wind load
  • Measuring change of lean

Call Bruhn Logging & Tree Service for skilled professionals including an arborist that understand the importance of assessing tree health and using proper techniques for their care.

Why are Tree Care Services by a Certified Arborist Important?


Healthy trees pose less risk to nearby people, structures and utilities; whereas, trees that are poorly maintained may become a significant liability.

Our certified arborist is trained and equipped to provide tree care and maintenance services that are important in protecting your investment and adding considerable value to your property.

These are services provided by our certified arborist:

  • Type of pruning necessary to maintain or improve the health and safety of trees
  • Pruning techniques for maintaining proper structure in young trees
  • Pruning to improve tree shape or form and to reduce likelihood of storm damage
  • Help in deciding whether a tree should be removed
  • Emergency assistance when limbs or entire trees fall on structures

Choose us as your experts to perform a broad range of arboricultural services and best management practices.


Tree Specialist for Residential and Commercial Property


As a leading innovative tree service company we offer a full range of services for residential and commercial property owners including proper care benefits of our on-staff certified arborist.

You can trust our tree specialist for:

  • Health services
  • Risk assessments
  • Crucial determinations related to removals
  • Expert pruning techniques
  • Assistance in emergency care such as storms that cause limbs or trees to fall
  • Preventative maintenance services and advice

We set the standard for customer service excellence in the area by providing only the highest-quality service by skilled personnel, state-of-the-art technology, and well-maintained equipment.

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