What is Low to No Impact Tree Removal?


Tree removal and trimming consistently rank among the five most dangerous occupations in the United States.

Low to no impact tree removal is the practice of preserving the characteristics and well-being of property and landscapes from soil compaction and lot-level disturbance utilizing various methods that may include:

  • Specialized equipment - aerial lifts, cranes, articulating loaders with turf tires
  • Technical climbers
  • Advanced roping and rigging
  • Aerial bucket trucks in conjunction with plywood or equivalent types of matting
  • Remote control grapple saws

While these technical operations can be complicated because of factors such as location, utility lines in close proximity and accessibility to the tree, this is a common task safely conducted by our experienced crew and certified arborist.

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Low to No Impact Tree Trimming for Home or Business


As a full-service tree care business that offers cutting, pruning, removals, stump grinding and removal for homes and businesses, we are specialists in difficult low to no impact tree removals and trimming.

We are fully aware that your property is one of your most important investments. Our highly-trained crew including a certified arborist is committed to preserving the landscape and surrounding area by using low to no impact tree trimming procedures.

In conducting a safe procedure we may use several methods based on the size and location of your trees, their proximity to utility lines, nearby buildings and structures as well as landscape features. We are accustomed to working around all types of objects with no effect on our ability to complete your project safely and without damage.

A few common methods used for trimming applications include:

  • Bucket truck used in conjunction with protective ground mats
  • Expert tree climbing arborists
  • Advanced rigging and roping

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We Use the Safest, Effective and Efficient Low Impact Methods


Tree trimming and removal is an evitable necessity for home and business owners that have trees throughout their property.

You may have trees that are obstructing streets or sidewalks, decayed or weakened and pose a potential risk, or have suffered severe storm damage that may require low to no impact tree trimming, or removal as a last resort.

Whatever the circumstances, we use safe, effective and efficient low impact methods including, but not limited to:

  • Aerial bucket trucks used in conjunction with proper matting
  • Technical climbers
  • Advanced roping and rigging techniques

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